J. P Barnett


J.P. Barnett grew up in a tiny Texas town where the list of possible vocations failed to include published author. In second grade, he worked harder than any other student to deliver a story about a tiger cub who single-handedly saved the U.S. Military, earning him a shiny gold star and a lifelong appreciation of telling a good story.

He is the author of the Lorestalker series of horror/suspense thrillers, starting with The Beast of Rose Valley. He has won multiple awards in the San Antonio Writers' Guild annual writing contest. His short story, Gumdrops, is featured in Short Stories by Texas Authors Vol. 4. The second installment of the Lorestalker series, The Kraken of Cape Madre, is scheduled for release in Fall 2019.

J.P. currently resides in San Antonio with his wife and hellion of a cat, both of whom look at him dubiously with some frequency.