Jimmy Martin


I was born in the 50's and therefore was a child of the 70's. Born and raised in Houston, I have lived in or around the Houston area all of my life. Like my main character Sam Cloudstone, I am a graduate Mechanical Engineer from Texas A&M University. Having attended there in the late 70's, I experienced an early adulthood much different than kids do today. We had no technology like what exists today, so we were much more dependent on our own insanity for our entertainment. I made many crazy friends, and I am proud to say that I still keep up with most of them.



The Case of Section 950, Seat E-14

Sam Cloudstone is a modern day hero, one that would prefer to live by his wits instead of his brawn. But like any hero, Sam's not afraid to get physical when he has to! 

He is a full blooded Comanche living in today's world. He tried to follow his father's footsteps becoming an oilfield engineer, but couldn't handle the confined spaces of a modern office job, or the soul destroying stress of corporate life.

Leaving that world, he became a free spirit, surviving as an author, a songwriter, a photographer, a bartender and a bounty hunter. One day he accidentally crosses paths with Melissa Steinhardt, a beautiful and impetuous "Damsel in Distress", and his life changes forever!

Attempting to help her involves him in a 70 year old mystery that pits the two of them against the FBI, the CIA, and a billionaire drug lord. They end up in a chase across Texas, each new destination dictated by solving the riddle preceding it. Their final stop ends in a showdown between all of the parties involved, at the "Enchanted Rock" in the middle of the historic Comanche territory in the Central Texas Hills.

The first clue is inside the cushion of Seat E-14, Section 950 of the now obsolete and disused Astrodome, Houston's former Pride and Joy...

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The Case of the Frozen Horse

The rain finally stopped, and Sam and Melissa began enjoying the great streams and hills of the famous Texas Hill Country again. After the last adventure, they needed the time to decompress, and they took advantage of it! That is until Sam got the cryptic “Distress Code” message from his old college buddy John Thurston, aka Brew Ha Ha.

It seems that his deckhand for the last 10 years, a man known to everyone only as “Horse”, has been murdered. The police haven’t been much help, and that’s where Sam and his investigative expertise come into play. Against Melissa’s ill feelings he accepts the case.

Sam discovers a vendetta that dates from the end of the Vietnam War involving a crime syndicate turf war set on the upper Gulf Coast. The investigation takes them from the Upper Texas coast, through the Casinos of Lake Charles, and finally to a life and death battle in the swamps of the South Louisiana Cajun Country. He meets a Vietnamese crime lord who wants to be a Bond Villain, and whose wife is the embodiment of evil on Earth. An old enemy becomes his major Ally, and he escapes with help from an isolated “Voodoo Village”.

It’s the usual “twists and turns” that come with Sam’s complicated life, plus one big twist that nobody sees coming…

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The Case of the Hobo's Son

After having accidentally met and subsequently been chased all over Texas by Government Agents and a Billionaire Drug Lord, Sam and Melissa had become inseparable. They spent every single day for the next 6 months with each other. Finally, it became time for them to spend a weekend apart. And that’s where it quickly gets complicated all over again!

Melissa was part of a tradition started by old college friends whereby a group of girls would spend a weekend in Bandera Texas, the self-proclaimed “Cowboy Capital of the World”. They would raft the river, ride horses, and party “before, during, after, and in between”! Melissa had decided to bring Sandra along to introduce her into the group, with her “Bottomless Tequila Cupboard” in tow.

Sam decided to take this opportunity to go to Dallas to visit an old college friend of his own, nicknamed “Twilight Zone”, that he hadn’t seen in a while. Plus, he had a vision, something concerning Dealey Plaza the Kennedy Assassination and a man named Shorty Tall.

Its two times the adventure, complete with a dice rolling Contract Killer, a murderous Mexican Girl Gang, a Popsicle eating Sasquatch, and the Dumbest Waitress in the South! All set during the Great Texas Springtime Floods of 2015!

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The Case of the Pier of Wishes

Sam’s world had crashed around him, as what should have been a pleasant goodbye party at Pat O’Brien’s turned into the Dragon Lady Massacre. Melissa was left in a Coma and fighting for her life, and Sam sunk further into depression as the months slowly rolled by.
Sandra, now worried as much about Sam as Melissa, finally made him go back to New Orleans to face his Demons. While there a chance encounter with a “Witch” in the French Quarter set Sam’s life on a path that he would have never believed just a few short months before. With his old buddy Richard “Twilight Zone” Serling in tow, he sets off to Haiti, the Voodoo Isle.
The destination is an old man in the town of Les Cayes who can show Sam the way to the legendary “Pier of Wishes”. If a person can survive the trials and tribulations of the Pier, he can have any wish granted that he desires. If he fails any test he never comes back! And planted firmly in his way is the Baron Samedi, Voodoo God and the Man who cannot die!

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