J.L. Bass



J.L. Bass is the creative pen name of award-winning writer, Lara Zuehlke, and her mother, Jan Zuehlke, Ph.D. It's not every day a mother and daughter team up to write a novel, but these two passionate redheads love the creative process, and of course, telling a great story. Hailing from Clifton, a small Texas town quite similar to the fictitious town of Murdoch, Jan and Lara found inspiration from various true-life events to develop their debut novel, No Motive in Murdoch. The result is a compelling page-turner centered around the universal story of overcoming tragedy, moving through grief, and forgiving the past. More information about the book—along with recent New York Times coverage of the true-crime events in Clifton that inspired the novel—can be found at www.JLBassBooks.com.