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J.L. Bass is the creative pen name of award-winning writer, Lara Zuehlke, and her mother, Jan Zuehlke, Ph.D. It's not every day a mother and daughter team up to write a novel, but these two passionate redheads love the creative process, and of course, telling a great story. Hailing from Clifton, a small Texas town quite similar to the fictitious town of Murdoch, Jan and Lara found inspiration from various true-life events to develop their debut novel, No Motive in Murdoch. The result is a compelling page-turner centered around the universal story of overcoming tragedy, moving through grief, and forgiving the past. More information about the book—along with recent New York Times coverage of the true-crime events in Clifton that inspired the novel—can be found at www.JLBassBooks.com.


Texas in Her Own Words

TEXAS IN HER OWN WORDS evolved out of Tweed Scott’s 4,000 mile quest to discover the heart and soul of Texas and in particular what it is about Texans ¯ a “T” Chromosome? ¯ that makes them so proud. Included are interviews with Willie Nelson, Liz Carpenter, Darrell Royal and other famous (and some not so famous but grass root) Texans. These "Texan Words" are sprinkled throughout in a unique mix of fascinating factoids and photos characteristic of Texas pride along with articles about such things as the Texas State Cemetery, Rules for Moving to Texas and Showing Texas Pride. Discover the Texas mystique and catch a glimpse into the Texas psyche with your own copy of TEXAS IN HER OWN WORDS. Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman says, "Tweed Scott has done a great service to Texas. He might, I believe, even make a pretty fair Lt. Governor. But politics, of course, is never as important as people and places and the cowboy poetry of the heart. Texas In Her Own Words is chock-full of all of these things. It deserves a special place on your bookshelf. Say right between Larry McMurtry and J. Frank Dobie." The perfect gift, TEXAS IN HER OWN WORDS is a work of art that can be enjoyed by book enthusiasts of all ages.

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